• In today’s fast paced world, where technology is advancing at a very rapid pace, it is often difficult to keep up with the various techniques and services that are being provided. Rhinoplasty, in particular, is garnering a lot of attention from the masses.

        If you are interested in rhinoplasty to make your nose perkier, rounder, blunter, bigger or smaller, Nose Job India is the place for it. We specialise in all types of rhinoplasty and have “beautified” noses of patients from India and around the world. We are proficient in the basic philosophy about rhinoplasty -to make the nose look aesthetically appealing as well as enable it to perform the function of breathing without difficulty.

        Why is our Rhinoplasty expertise in demand?

        Rhinoplasty, in particular, is being demanded all over the world and is no longer just limited to Hollywood actors and models. Today, people from various countries and cultural backgrounds trust us inthis delicate procedure. The two most common reasons why people come to us for rhinoplasty are:

        • Cosmetic Reasons (to improve the shape of the nose or to correct nasal tip ptosis i.e. drooping nose)
        • Medical Reasons (to make breathing through the nose easier in case of a blocked nose)

        What are the two methods of rhinoplasty surgery?

        There are generally two methods of conducting nose jobs or rhinoplasty. Nose Job India is an expert in both the methods.

        1) Open Rhinoplasty- Under this method, a small incision is made under the tip of nasal area or nose.

        2) Closed Rhinoplasty- This method is adopted by operating through the nostrils of the patient.

        What does Open Rhinoplasty actually involve?

        As stated above, open rhinoplasty involves making an incision across the central part of the nose, i.e.between the nostrils. The incision is usually in the form of a “stair-step” or “inverted V” and allows the surgeon a clear view of the nasal cartilage and other nasal tissue. Thus, this method has been appropriately named open rhinoplasty. 

        For many years, there has been an intense debate about whether there was a need for anotherrhinoplasty method besides the already existing closed rhinoplasty method. Some plastic surgeons wereof the opinion that closed rhinoplasty was more advantageous to the patient because it did not requirethe creation of an external incision. This external incision required in the case of open rhinoplasty would leave behind a tiny scar, even in the best of circumstances.

        While other plastic surgeons, like us at Nose Job India, felt that open rhinoplasty gives much better results as it provides the surgeon with increased exposure which is required while grafting cartilage.Rest assured, that a well placed incision which is healed thoroughly can hardly be detected by anything but the most experienced eye.In previous years, using the closed rhinoplasty method often resulted in imperfections with the final result, like asymmetric tip cartilages, residual bumps and/or noticeable differences in the nostril shape.At Nose Job India, our surgeons perform closed and open rhinoplasty with excellent results thanks to the precision based skills our surgeons possess. They are well trained, perfectly qualified and will ensure that there will be no need for a revision surgery.