• Rhinoplasty India – Benefits and Risks Involved

        Rhinoplasty in India can be either corrective or cosmetic. This surgical procedure, requires a lot of skill and knowledge, as not only the surgeon has to fix the nose to suit the facial features of the person, he also has to ensure the nose is aesthetically pleasing on its own and does not obstruct breathing.

        Nose job in India is usually done using a two-stage procedure – initial surgery based on the patient’s goals and the second surgery to correct issues that the first one couldn’t. However, many patients do not need to take the second stage, as the first stage of the surgery takes care of everything.

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        Rhinoplasty Benefits  

        Being a corrective as well as cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty offers numerous benefits. There are several patients who have benefitted from this procedure, whether it is the first stage or the nose revision procedure.

        At Nose Job India, we believe in imparting knowledge and information to our patients on nose job in India. A discerning patient is well-equipped to make the right choices.

        The key benefits of rhinoplasty are listed below:

        • Feel Great

        Rhinoplasty makes you feel great whether it is for corrective or cosmetic purposes. It makes you feel better about yourself, as your physical appearance improves. Corrective rhinoplasty brings a change to the nose and thus, to the whole face. If in doubt, you can discuss your apprehensions in detail with our plastic surgeons to gain more clarity. Many patients of rhinoplasty India usually use this corrective surgery for cosmetic purposes. This is done by correcting the shape, size and position of the nose while resolving structural and functional issues of the nose.   

        • Easy Breathing

        Many people suffer from a deviated nasal septum. This can make it difficult for the person to breathe normally, be it when he is awake or asleep. Rhinoplasty India surgery can easily rectify this problem and allow the person to breathe without difficulty.  

        This type of rhinoplasty to facilitate easy breathing is medically known as septoplasty. The procedure involves correcting the deviated nasal septum, so that air can flow with hindrance.

        • Better Sleep

        Many people complain of restless sleep and awakening in the wee hours of the night because they cannot breathe or feel suffocated. This is quite a common problem among both men and women. Some others also suffer from infrequent breathing while sleeping, which is referred to as sleep apnoea. This condition can block airways, resulting in serious health issues and sometimes when left unattended can turn fatal. Nose job in India is no less than a boon for those who suffer from apnoea or just sleeplessness due to trouble in breathing. This procedure is relatively simple, and does not cost a fortune.

        Nose Job India is a top-notch rhinoplasty practice that caters to all kinds of patients – first timers and those seeking a revision Rhinoplasty in India. Contact us today to fix an appointment with our highly skilled and knowledgeable team of surgeons for maximum effect.